Stack file organisation

Sarah sarahr at
Wed Dec 18 18:44:01 EST 2002

Thanks to everyone who replied. I too had come across the ~ backup file 
but as I had detected that this only happened when saving failed (due 
to some scripting bug), I had not considered this corruption. However 
it is good to have to in mind as my program can then check it's saves 
and restore it's own stacks if required.

As regards the data stack, it won't have many cards, probably only 
20-30 with each one holding a different type of data, rather than using 
the rolodex metaphor. I think I would rather stay with the standard 
stack for data storage as it is easier to manipulate & upgrade.

Given the comments so far, as well as my own thoughts, I think I will 
go with the single stack file, with sub-stacks separated in the build.

Thanks again,

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