Primer Guidelines (was Socket Tutorial Guidelines)

Dar Scott dsc at
Mon Dec 16 13:40:01 EST 2002

On Monday, November 25, 2002, at 02:49 PM, Rob Cozens wrote:

>> What should a tutorial be like?
> That's up to the author, Dar.
> The best example that comes to my mind is the Apple Event Primer stack 
> from Apple.

I like the name "primer"; the balance of text, demo and exercise depends 
on the the material.

I have more questions that Revolutionaries might have opinions about.

What is a good window size for a primer?  The example Rob provided is 
pretty small.  Should the optimal size be adjusted down if other windows 
are used?

I'm thinking of displaying openSockets in real time.  Any opinions on 
whether this is on the main primer stack or a separate window?

I think I need some navigator buttons:  beginning, previous, next and 
back.  What's a good source?

What's a good way to exhibit source?  Some candidates:

       A.  Let people simply use the Revolution environment to see it.  
           Options:  Special Formatting such as bold .
                     Tiny "source" icons next to control with interesting 

       B.  Tiny "see source" icon button next to any control with 
interesting source
           that brings up a window.
           Options: Use right click instead but don't show the 
right-click code
                    in the window.
                    Somehow use the Revolution source window.

       C.  Tiny "copy source" icon button next to any source with 
interesting source
           that puts the source on the clipboard.

       D.  Show source all the time in small fields.

Dar Scott

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