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Sun Dec 15 19:06:00 EST 2002

"Ken Norris (dialup)" <pixelbird at interisland.net> wrote:

> Is the above "cycle" a special handler? If not, what causes it to repeat?

There is information on how the "send-in-time" command works in my 
HyperCard-to-Revolution tutorial. The entry page for the tutorial is here:


In particular, there is one page that explains how "send-in-time" works, 
and when and why a scripter might want to use it:


If you have time, I'd recommend downloading and working through the 
entire tutorial. It was written specifically for people coming from a 
HyperCard background, and walks you through the conversion of a simple 
HyperCard stack. In the process, the tutorial address many concepts that 
may be new to HyperCard users, and tries to explain them in terms that 
HyperCard users will be familiar with.

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