Avoiding mouse polls

Cubist at aol.com Cubist at aol.com
Sun Dec 15 18:43:01 EST 2002

sez pixelbird at interisland.net:
>Let me look this (StackState) up on the other machine (accessing the RR
>in this old PB is painfully slow, sometimes causes crashes) tomorrow.
   "StackState" isn't actually part of Rev/MC. Instead, it's a variable I'm 
using as a flag, and every handler you've got should set this flag to 
whatever value is appropriate. Let the first line in every handler be "put 
'YadaYada' into StackState", and use "put 'idle' into StackState" as the the 
last line of each handler.

>I see. I didn't know about StackState. WunnerfulThing that.
   As far as i know, what StackState does isn't actually built into Rev/MC -- 
so you have to do it 'by hand', as it were.

>Every one kept
>telling me things that wouldn't work with a repeat loop, but retrieving
>"idle" from StackState is the real key. As it is here, it replaces a similar
>thing which would be done with an "on idle" handler in HC. There's a related
>thread, "Blink" going on over in the HC group list, which I've been
>following. Very similar stuff.
   Strictly speaking, things *can* work with a repeat loop -- it's just that 
you don't *want* things to work with a repeat loop. Bad side effects, man.

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