Apple Remote Desktop for Platform Testing

Dar Scott dsc at
Sun Dec 15 14:18:00 EST 2002

I'm considering getting Remote Desktop for testing stacks and 
standalones on Macintosh OS's.  I welcome any advice or reports on 
experience in doing this or on Remote Desktop or on alternatives.

(I use VPC for Windows.)

I'm envisioning a few old Macs under a table or in a closet that I can 
turn on as needed.  I then connect to them using Remote Desktop to run 
tests applicable to that OS or hardware.  I'm thinking something like a 
G3 that books OS X 10.1 or Mac 9.2 and an old PowerPC that boots 
something older.

Would Timbuktu be a candidate for this?

Would this even be a useful test?

Dar Scott

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