Another 2.0 Question

Iago iago at
Sat Dec 14 21:43:01 EST 2002

On Sat, 14 Dec 2002, miscdas at wrote:

> And how, pray tell, might one determine if a post is of
> interest and "skip past" when the subject line is "Re:
> Another 2.0 Question"? That subject is so broad that
> unless one examines the body of the post, how is it
> possible?

  One quietly surveys the first few lines, and then one
  employs one's conveniently available 'D' key, or other
  applicable keystroke, to expunge the offending message
  from one's sight.

  One then graciously maintains silence, rather than airing
  one's complaints, when the rest of a list population is
  clearly having no problem with the topic at hand,
  particularly considering that, when one replies to an
  'offending' thread, one is merely giving it an opportunity
  to grow, which rather increases the presence of irritants
  in one's sight.

  This is how one comports oneself in a manner that treats
  the availability of a mailing list (such as this one) as a
  privilege, rather than a right.

Fred Hicks <iago AT iago DOT net>

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