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Fri Dec 13 08:10:02 EST 2002

--- Mike McManus <mcmanusm at> wrote:
> Oh boy..this is not fun sounding. Yes the send
> command will not work. 
> Need to use "send to program" Being a Mac guy I just
> understood that. 
> Now The two runrevs, don't like that idea either,
> but it may come to 
> that. Thinking about this option while I was driving
> today. I might be 
> able to build a standalone. That simply accepts the
> send to program 
> command. Puts it into a field, then sends an
> acknoledgement back to the 
> development stack.
> This way I should get what you were talking about.
> Get a clear 
> understanding of what I need to parse and how the
> variables get 
> passed(yes there will be variables, filenames,
> process codes, paths). 
> Once I have those mastered in the main stack and the
> standalone, I will 
> be able to code it properly and compile? Mostly what
> will be sent out 
> is a command along with the parameters. The response
> should be a "yes I 
> am done with process 10001" kinda thing or an error.
> Does that sound reasonable to anybody other than me?

The easiest way to use the 'send in program' command
is touse your own class and type, that way you only
have to worry about how to structure the extra data.

- class "MIKE" -- short for your own class
- id    "PRST" -- just a 'process status' candidate 
- extra data "10001"
would translate into:
 send "10001" to program tOtherProgram with "MINEPRST"

In the other program, the card (and then up to the
stack, mainstack, etc.) will receive an AppleEvent

on appleEvent pClass, pID, pSender
  switch pClass & pID
  case "MIKEPRST"
    -- this is an event of class "MIKE" and id "PRST"
    request appleEvent data
    -- this will put the actual message data in 'it'
    reply the uStatus[it] of me
    pass appleEvent
  end switch
end appleEvent

There you have it: you just used your own AppleEvent
Class and ID to send a question to the other program,
and it replied the content of a custom property.

Hope this helped,

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish at the same time."  (La Rochefoucauld)

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