newbie question: How clik text field?

Esa Kivelä Esa.Kivela at
Fri Dec 13 06:38:01 EST 2002

Greetings aggain from Finland

I like to code standalone where some text field and when button is pressed its randomly select some line from text field and show it. 
Why? Here is some backround: I have group of my firends and we training some meditations and so one and they succest that we can randomly select wich one training we take at every time. 

Ok that random seleceted i have coded but how I code follow:

When some line in the text field si choosen, then I like to clik that line by mouse and voila a help text field about that specific training pops up. Anyone can help me with this one?

I have noticed that ine the RRs manuals there is some clickText function but HOW to use that..there isin't any good example where to learn how to use it...

Thanks at advance


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