Adding splash screen as main stack

Howard Bornstein bornstein at
Thu Dec 12 13:14:00 EST 2002

>How do I exchange the status of main stack and substack?  I need to main a
>splash be the main stack... right now it isn't.  Where can I set this, or
>must I start over and import the current mainstack as a substack or

As an alternative to Monte's suggestion, here's a procedure Jeanne posted 
a while back:

>Sorry if this has come up before.  How do you make a copy of a
>substack within a stackfile?  Both the clone and copy commands will
>make a copy of a stack, but they are created as mainstacks.  I want
>to be able to copy a substack and have it remain subordinated the the
>current mainstack.
>Alternatively, is there a way to change a mainstack into a substack?

Yes: set the substack-to-be's mainStack property.

For instance, if you have two main stacks called "Puffball" and "Hydrant",
and you want to make "Hydrant" into a substack of "Puffball", use this:

  set the mainStack of stack "Hydrant" to "Puffball"


Howard Bornstein
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