Bourbon vs Burbon (OT)

Jim MacConnell jmac at
Wed Dec 11 23:51:01 EST 2002

> In the American South, Whiskey means Burbon.
Okay.... you got me going now.

I grew up in the deep South and my mark of distinction as a young lad was
drinking Bourbon and Coke... God knows why as I look back on it through the
fog of too many decades. But I never ever had a Burbon and Coke.

While the Scots may be frugal with letters, let's not over do it and ruin a
perfectly good whiskey. From the dictionary....  Bourbon definition #4) Also
called bourbon whiskey. a straight whiskey distilled from a mash having 51%
or more corn: orig. the corn whiskey produced in Bourbon County, Kentucky
(USA)..... The first three  definitions all have to do with royalty and
political persuasion...

So... Wisk me to the whiskey cuz the bourbon's a burden.....

Sorry about the bad pun-like fun. Better than wining.


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