Geometry Manager Problems

Igor de Oliveira Couto info at
Wed Dec 11 17:24:01 EST 2002

Has anyone else noticed quirky behaviour with the Geometry Manager?

I have a stack with several objects, which - according to the Geometry 
Manager - are supposed to resize when the card/stack resizes. I've made 
sure that I've got these objects to resize to a SPECIFIC distance to 
the stack border, NOT a percentage. Two problems:

1) Some objects simply do not resize. I have a horizontal line, for 
instance, which is part of a group in card 'A'. There are 2 other 
horizontal lines in the same group. All 3 lines are supposed to scale 
to  2 pixels from the right border of the card, whenever the card 
resizes. 2 lines do it, one doesn't. I've tried checking all properties 
of the 3 lines, to see if there is any difference between them, 

2) My objects that are set to resize automatically are in card 'A'. If 
I resize the stack while in card 'A', they (mostly) resize. If I go to 
card 'B', and THEN resize the stack, then come back to card 'A', NONE 
of them have resized...

What gives? Should I abandon the Geometry Manager and hard-code the 
resizing? Am I missing out on something obvious and doing something 

Any help appreciated!

Igor de Oliveira Couto
igor at

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