Keeping the hilitedLine of a scrolling list field

Igor de Oliveira Couto info at
Wed Dec 11 17:10:11 EST 2002

Dear Rev Friends,

I need to keep the hilitedLine of a certain scrolling list field of a 
card, so that if the user leaves the card while an item in the list is 
selected, then comes back to the same card later, the same item is 
still selected in the list. I also need to save the hilitedLine from 
session to session, so that next time the user opens the stack that 
line will still be selected.

I tried saving the hilitedLine into a custom property, whenever it is 
changed (selectionChanged, arrowKey, mouseRelease). That part is 
working fine - it does, indeed, know which line is SUPPOSED to be 
hilited. However, the problem for me has been to try and get the 
*&^%^*#@#$ line to hilite when the user re-enters the card! I've tried 
putting commands to set the hilitedLine on openCard and on preOpenCard, 
but it just does not work...

Interesting side note: if the user moves from card to card by using the 
arrow keys on the keyboard, Revolution AUTOMATICALLY 'saves' the 
hilitedLine. If the user uses a background button group (which is what 
I am doing) then it does not...

All help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
igor at

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