Passing selectedField Location between Stacks

Bernard Devlin revolution at
Tue Dec 10 20:12:01 EST 2002

I tried this, but to no avail:

>have you tried seting the defaultstack to the one 
>with the selection?

I did have something like this in mind as my workaround.  I managed to save the
selectedChunk, field and stacks into the other stack, and then use these to
reconstruct the selection and paste the user's chosen text into that place.

> Have you tried using message watcher to see what 
> messages are sent as you change the context? You may be able to use 
> one to pick up the selectedchunk and stuff it into a global for usage 
> in the other stack.

Finally, it works as I wanted it to :-))

I learned a lot about Rev in the process, so that was good too.  Thanks
everyone for your help.  

Regards Bernard

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