Passing selectedField Location between Stacks

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Tue Dec 10 15:39:00 EST 2002

>Thanks for the suggestion.  It was a "mouseUp" handler, so I changed it to
>"mouseDown" but it didn't make any difference.
>I think the issue is actually to do with moving from stack to stack:  the
>selectedChunk only refers to the character numbers in a (numbered) 
>field.  There
>is no reference to a stack.  So it seems logical to me that if  one 
>is to click
>on another stack, that the selectedChunk cannot know about the stack that the
>character numbers and field refer to.  This is a pity, but I have 
>posted another
>question which when solved will, I hope, provide a workaround.

Oh, you did not mentioned that this occurs between two stacks (or I 
missed that). Have you tried using message watcher to see what 
messages are sent as you change the context? You may be able to use 
one to pick up the selectedchunk and stuff it into a global for usage 
in the other stack.


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