How can I make transparency stick?

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Tue Dec 10 12:06:01 EST 2002

"Monte Goulding" <monte at> wrote:

>>From the Transcript Dictionary's opaque property entry:
> If the object is an image, the setting of the opaque property has no effect.
> Instead, painted areas of the image are opaque, and areas with no paint are
> not opaque.
> You will need to change them to transparent GIFs

I usually just make images transparent by importing them as transparent 
GIFs. But it is also possible to edit an existing image so that white 
areas become transparent. Use the paint bucket tool and right-click (or 
on Macs, control-click) on the areas that need to be transparent. That 
will remove the paint. You may need to set the fill color to white; I 
can't remember if that's required.

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