revGoURL.. and after that ?

Jacques Hausser Jacques.Hausser at
Tue Dec 10 04:55:01 EST 2002

  Dear all,

I'm opening a local server with

revGoURL  "afp://username:password@servername/volumename"

and my program reads and writes happily from or to several files  on 
this server, nicely considering it as a volume. (it doesn't work with 
URL, but with "open file" and so on, it is OK).
my problem is, I want to disconnect the server from inside the program 
(I do not want people putting their nose in the files directly, what 
they can do if the server remains on the desk).

I tried to disconnect (and to connect) with every other method I found 
in the doc, but it got only error messages. I looked in the use-rev 
archives without finding the solution (the archives are big enough to 
miss it, sorry if it's the case).

How to do "revLeaveURL" ?

and by the way, would the server open with revGoURL also be considered 
as a volume on Windows (unknown world for me) ?

Many thanks in advance - Jacques Hausser

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