inserting accented characters

Signe Marie Sanne signe.sanne at
Tue Dec 10 03:08:00 EST 2002

>Signe, I thought this was a plausible explanation, so I built a distribution
>for Win32 and tried it, but still a Rev app does not trap these key 
>and translate them into 'international' characters.
>I think this is starting to look like a bug.
>>  >- when I press the 'AltGr' key it opens the Script Editor!  When I try the
>>  >'circumflex' key followed by 'a', I just get 'a'.  Ditto with
>>  >'shift'+^   - only
>>  >'a' appears.
>>  Without having tested this, I guess this happens in the development
>>  mode. If your stack is to be used as a standalone, I think it will
>  > work.

Bernard, I just downloaded Revolution on my Windows 2000, made a 
standalone and tested the accented letters. Here on my (Norwegian) 
keyboard  everything works fine. In development mode there's a 
problem with accent aigu (é), since AltGr + accent key opens the 
Properties window.

Kevin, what can be done with this? Both French and Spanish make 
extensive use of this accent!


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