Newbie Mac sound questions

Klaus Major k_major at
Mon Dec 9 16:45:01 EST 2002

Hi Judy,

> Klaus,
> Did I miss something? Every WAV file that I and a couple-dozen of my
> students has tried has sounded either like nothing or what has 
> previously
> been described here as "holy hellish scratching".
> Just wondering...

Hmmmm, let tme think...

If i remember right the sound has to have the right sample-rate
(like 44.1 khz, 22.05, 11.025 etc...) and the right bit-depth
(like 16 bit or 8 bit).

All other values and/or types of compression will cause this
"house"-sound of MC deVille ;-)

> Judy


Klaus Major
k_major at

Remember that a "windows media" compressed file can
also be a *.wav file.
Definitively NOT supported by MC/RR...

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