Newbie wants to know if one can run two handlers

Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at
Mon Dec 9 04:26:01 EST 2002

> Date: Sun, 08 Dec 2002 18:41:24 -0800
> Subject: Re: Newbie wants to know if one can run two handlers
> simultaneously
> From: Scott Rossi <scott at>

>> The answer to the question is "sure", but one of them needs to be an idle
>> handler (I'll probably get yelled at for suggesting an idle handler).
> Not yelled at, just reminded that it's unnecessary in MC/Rev. :-)
> The bottom line is, the developers of the tools have stated on numerous
> occasions that "send in..." is a better to achieve the same result as idle,
> both in terms of efficiency and accuracy.  So it would seem worth your while
> to adopt the practice and get in the habit of using "send in...".
Yes, you're right of course. thanks for reminding me. I don't want to send
someone down bunny trails. Many of my solutions are one-offs, quick and
dirty. If they work, I can always clean them up and "do it right". You have
to experiment with the timing of a "send in.." solution, but the wonderful
thing is: it should work anywhere, relatively independent of platform
speeds. Very nice.

Ken N.

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