VS: Mac RunRev can't open Win .rev file...

Esa Kivelä Esa.Kivela at ncrc.fi
Mon Dec 9 01:55:00 EST 2002

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> Lähettäjä: J. Landman Gay [mailto:jacque at hyperactivesw.com]
> Lähetetty: 8. joulukuuta 2002 4:05
> Vastaanottaja: use-revolution at lists.runrev.com
> Aihe: Re: Mac RunRev can't open Win .rev file...
> Peter Lundh <simran at teleline.es> wrote:
> > Can anyone please tell me how to fix the file so that 
>  > it can be opened with Revolution on Mac.

Hmm I assumed that Runrev is crosspaltform and that means that RRs stack can be also opened in pc, mac or linux? 


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