Mac RunRev can't open Win .rev file...

Monte Goulding monte at
Sat Dec 7 20:36:01 EST 2002

try opening it with
answer file "open";toplevel it
in the message box

If you save once it's open the correct file type will be saved with it.

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> Subject: Mac RunRev can't open Win .rev file...
> Hi all-
> I wanted to check some Windows compatibility issues with the RunRev
> application I'd just made on the Mac platform. I opened the .rev file with
> Revolution for Windows, made a couple of changes and saved and
> closed file.
> When I tried to open it again with Mac Revolution it wouldn't
> recognise the
> file. I'm desperate to open it with Macintosh RunRev since I have to build
> the app for the Mac platform. I can still double-click the file
> to run it as
> a stand-alone application on Mac, but I can't open it from WITHIN
> Revolution.
> Can anyone please tell me how to fix the file so that it can be
> opened with
> Revolution on Mac.
> Many thanks in advance.
> -Peter
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> Peter Lundh
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> Derby, UK
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