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>Jim Hurley wrote:
>>  I know that RunRev is looking eventually to expand its market in education.
>>  When it does, I think it will be helpful to include examples of 
>>how Transcript
>>  and Turtle Graphics might be employed by students as problem solving tools.
>Very glad to see you're still workingon Turtle Graohics in Rev.  Has the
>addition of paint tools to the Mac and Win engines resolved most of your
>earlier issues?  Will you be releasing this when you're done?
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Actually, TG in Revolution is pretty much a finished product. The 
biggest problem I was having was drawing speed. The real breakthrough 
came when Scott Rossi suggested using the pencil tool rather than the 
line tool. Remarkably, the pencil is nearly 6 times as fast as the 
line tool. I have no idea why.

I have a demo stack which I could post to  RunRev's Educator's web 
page as soon as it becomes operational.  I assume that is where this 
material should go. In this demo stack there are examples of:

Planetary motion,
Voyager's slingshot motion around Jupiter,
Kepler's laws,
Physics of the rainbow,
Predator-prey theory and the incest taboo in biology,
Illustration of a few geometrical theorems, and, just for fun,
Some examples of recursive construction of fractals..

Again, the intention is not to dazzle students with these programs, 
but to illustrate to teachers the potential for Transcript and TG to 
be used in a high school science/programming course, allowing the 
*students* to develop these programs for themselves.

P.S. I noticed a lot of garbage following my last posting. I hope 
this doesn't happen again. If it does, somebody let me know where it 
is coming from and how I might avoid it.
Jim Hurley
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