Mac RunRev can't open Win .rev file...

Peter Lundh simran at
Sat Dec 7 20:15:01 EST 2002

Hi all-

I wanted to check some Windows compatibility issues with the RunRev
application I'd just made on the Mac platform. I opened the .rev file with
Revolution for Windows, made a couple of changes and saved and closed file.
When I tried to open it again with Mac Revolution it wouldn't recognise the
file. I'm desperate to open it with Macintosh RunRev since I have to build
the app for the Mac platform. I can still double-click the file to run it as
a stand-alone application on Mac, but I can't open it from WITHIN

Can anyone please tell me how to fix the file so that it can be opened with
Revolution on Mac.

Many thanks in advance.

Peter Lundh
simran at
Derby, UK

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