Passing selectedField Location between Stacks

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at
Sat Dec 7 18:40:05 EST 2002

At 7:31 PM -0800 12/6/02, Bernard Devlin wrote:
>I have two stacks.  Stack T contains text fields, and Stack B contains
>Whilst typing in Stack T, if the user requires input from Stack B I want the
>user to be able to just click on an item in Stack B, and have the text
>associated with the clicked button inserted at the place in the field in
>Stack T
>where s/he was typing.
>My understanding is that it is the use of two stacks that is preventing me
>using the selectedField or selectedChunk to determine where the label of the
>button should be placed.  Is this correct?

It shouldn't. I'm going to guess that the objects in stack B are buttons;
clicking buttons can lose the text selection under some circumstances. If
you turn the traversalOn property of the buttons off, the text selection
should be retained when you click them - even if they're in another stack.

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