Function Newbie Question:

Malte Brill malte.brill at
Sat Dec 7 05:21:01 EST 2002

Thanks to all of you for your fast replies. Now I´m on my way.

>does this pertain to Turtle Graphics?

This function checks the distance between any 2 given points. In my case I
check the location of some objects to obtain the distance between their
middle points. I want to use it in an attack/fleeing algorithm and collision
detection for circular objects.
I´m trying to set up a small codebase, if I find the time I will be trying
to create a game...
So I allready have a function that returns the distance and I have a
function that returns the angle between two objects. (But I still have to
implement heading to it and that still gives me some head(ing)aches)

>To calculate the pairs of distances, the repeat is probably the best way
>to go.  If you are comfortable with recursion, then you might want to
>try that.

Hi Dar, I defenitly want to learn more about recursion. Are there any
tutorials on the web, that could help me getting  startet?

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