Imported Images Are Darker

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Sat Dec 7 02:16:00 EST 2002

Photoshop has a different gamma setting. You can reset it to NONE or Windows
if you like. I don't like using Photoshops gamma setting for those very
reasons. It is good for print work, but not digital web and interface


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> > When I import these images into Rev as controls, however, I
> >notice that they are noticeably darker than the original art. Has anyone
> >experienced this?
> Bill,
> I also noticed this when I created art in Photoshop and imported it into
> my Rev stack as background art. However, in my case, the art was lighter
> and less saturated in Rev than in Photoshop. This was on a Mac.
> I do not have a clue as to why this happened, but would like to know
> since I had the colors fine-tuned in PS and was then disappointed that
> they didn't look the same in Rev.
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> Howard Bornstein
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