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Andre Rombauts andre.rombauts at
Fri Dec 6 09:45:01 EST 2002

I¹m testing RunRev capabilities. I¹m encountring several problems.
I wrote the following script attached to a single button; there is an input
field (info) on the stack.

on mouseUp
  if the platform is "MacOS" then
    revShowPrintDialog false, true
    revShowPrintDialog true
  end if
  revPrintText the htmlText of field "info", "<%the long date%>", "B"
end mouseUp

I added the following as a stack script to resolve problems on Windows
platform (as told in the help).

on startup
  set the formatForPrinting of stack "tstprint" to true
end startup

1) Whatever is the text size in the info field, the printing is done at the
same size on Mac

2) On windows the text is nearly invisible (1 or 2 points height)! I tested
on 2 different printers: same result.

What am I missing?... :-(

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