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Scott Slaugh xslaugh at
Thu Dec 5 19:03:01 EST 2002

>>I have an image editor that works well.  But I would like to see an editor 
>>put into Revolution at some point that could do the things my image editor 
>...could do the things
> html editor tool can
> layout tool can
> database tool can...
> vector drawing tool can...
> QT tool can...
> Animation tool can...
> Mindmap tool can
>...etc, etc ...
>This kind of rev tool could do a bit of everything but nothing well...
>I dont see rev as a substitution for Photoshop, Xpress Golive, Dreamweaver, 
>Director, Flash, Illustrator, Filemaker etc, etc...
>So I disagree completly.
>Imho that kind of Rev we do not need...
>We need a stable crossplatform, authoring RAD tool, which can handle all 
>these file formats, similar Live Stage Pro for QT, but not a 
>*substitution-dinosaurier*, which tries to replace them all...

Yes, Rev will never be all of those.  I would just like a simple icon 
editor, much like HyperCard had.

Scott Slaugh

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