It's a list! It's an array! No, it's...

Dar Scott dsc at
Thu Dec 5 17:38:11 EST 2002

On Thursday, December 5, 2002, at 03:01 PM, David Vaughan wrote:

>> I am packing values into a single value in a way that is not a list 
>> and is not an array.
> snip
> I think SmallTalk used "bag" for an unordered set, and that 
> "collection" is reasonably common now. I go with the idea that "list" 
> implies some sequence, even if properly speaking it is unordered. I 
> [suggest / vote / prefer] bag or collection in your example.

I meant it wasn't a list in the sense of a bunch of strings separated by 
lineFeeds (or commas).  It does have order.  Otherwise I'd jump right on 

Troy's idea of "darGob" might lend some infamy, but...

I put a wrapper around data to put them in into this 
sequence/group/list/bag and a wrapped value is an important concept.  (A 
wrapped value is a list of length one.)  I might call it, going down in 
word length...

mm (as in M&M candy)

The sequence might then be called a necklace, string of pearls, bead 
string, or something like that.

An N-tuple might allow an nt prefix for functions and handlers.  The 
wrapped value is a one-tuple, and the sequence is an n-tuple or 
something like that.

I'm still pondering this.


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