Forced Quit in Windows

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Thu Dec 5 14:42:00 EST 2002


Pardon my ignorance of Windows (any version), but is there an 
equivalent of the Apple Event which informs an application that it 
has been ordered to quit? On the Mac, such things arise primarily 
from the OS shutting down, and if you process the 'quit' event you 
can make your app - really in the Revo case, the apps' date files, 
since the program itself is write-protected - shut down in good 
order. Of course this doesn't remove the obligation to initialise 
properly when your app is launched, since it (or the machine) may 
have crashed last time out - nevertheless it's a useful facility. 
Anyway, if such a mechanism exists, how would I set about using it 
inside a Revolution standalone?

While asking, does anyone know if Windows has the equivalent to the 
'print from the Finder' event on the Mac, where the OS invokes your 
app just to print one of its documents - and of course the app has to 
be set up to do just this. Again, if so, what is the mechanism for 
detecting and processing this command correctly in Revo?

          Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK & France

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