RunRev on Xserve

Bill Vlahos bvlahos at
Wed Dec 4 21:20:01 EST 2002

It sounds like a clear answer is eluding people. OS X Server 10.2 
(Jaguar) on Xservers no longer need a video card to be configured or 
run. Apple can now make the video card optional. Everything can be 
configured via the console port or SSH. Any application that can run 
without an interface, such as running without logging in, like the OS X 
Server apps don't require a video card.

Typical Revolution applications work within a window drawn on the 
screen. These kinds of traditional applications will need to run with 
the computer logged in. This login requires a video card even if there 
is no monitor connected. This is true for any OS X computer.

I believe it is possible to write a Revolution application which does 
not require the GUI but I don't know how to write it. Check out the CGI 
type applications for unix in the Revolution documentation. There would 
be a non-GUI deamon running on the server and a separate GUI 
application which could run either on the server or on a different 

In summary: If your application has a GUI, your Xserve will need a 
video card to run. A monitor is optional.

Hope this helps.
Bill Vlahos

On Wednesday, December 4, 2002, at 05:32  PM, Dar Scott wrote:

>> I've been running Metacard/Rev stacks on an Xserve for a couple 
>> months now- all works as normal.
>> I heard the same scare of no-graphics-card Xserves a while ago in 
>> other forums, but I believe it was just a misinterpretation turned 
>> rumor. You won't have any problems running GUI apps on an Xserve.
> This is good news.
> Just to make sure... Is your Xserve--the one actually running 
> stacks--a no-graphics-card version?  Are these full stacks?
> Dar Scott

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