Revolution in Classis, Virtual PC?

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<< Mark Swindell wrote:

> What about tweaking using Virtual PC, only for display purposes and
> navigation?  Have you, or anyone, used VPC for this and found problems,
> inconsistencies? 

I haven't had problems with emulators personally, but that's likely becauseI
use them so seldom.

I prefer to have the full-on
holes-and-by-the-way-what's-an-IRQ-setting Windows user experience.  ;)

 Richard Gaskin  >>

Absolutely.  I build on the Mac for Windows and then I test and tweak using 
VPC 4.0.  The problem is that this behaves *much* better than Windows 'in the 
wild'.  VPC is fine for appearance and major cross platform issues, but the 
variety of weirdness that goes on in my colleagues PCs is remarkable.

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