Zac Elston zelston at
Wed Dec 4 14:32:01 EST 2002

FYI, I was reading the archives and came across this thread so I thought I'd
chime in with my experience

Our rev app is a data acquisition tool run on a tablet PC (not MS, but we
have  evaluated them).  Basically a way for patients and "subjects" to take
a series  of standardized tests with a wireless tablet and a finger. (anyone
remember the  30,000 circles?) Audio tracks play to read the questions and
we track the input  based on what was pressed on the screen.  It's an
awesome "revolution" in data  gathering.  No human transcription errors
occur because we collect data straight  from the "subject" and export it
directly to the database.

So will tabletPCs and rev work?  Absolutely.  The screen is the mouse so you
don't have to change your code to track anything, but there are some

A:  MS TabletPc's only work with a pen, not a finger (other manufactures do
allow this)
B:  Make your UI a little bigger then normal.  Pad icons and create a simple
interfaces.  Moving a pen around the screen does not have the precision of a
mouse.  We use fingers so we have to use really big buttons to account for
the inaccurate presses
C:  Windows manages the "script to text" function so I think this should
work, it works in older versions of "Windows for pen" on our tablets.
Basically a layer sits above the GUI to track movements and then passes the
movements(convert-to-text) to the active widget in the GUI.

Hope that helps


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