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Tue Dec 3 00:49:00 EST 2002

At 10:15 AM -0800 11/29/02, DVGlasgow at wrote:
>Incidentally, there was a recent thread about accessing images and text and
>not wanting it all in memory.  The suggestion was to reference rather than
>import the material.  That of course works.  However, I also have a vague
>memory that it is possible to store data in properties within  closed stacks
>that can be accessed without loading the whole stack into memory.  Actually,
>as I type, this strikes me as deeply implausible.  Did I make it up?

I'm afraid so. ;-0 You can access properties in closed stacks, but doing so
loads the stack file. (What you *can* do, if you have a lot of information
and prefer to store it in stacks, is to use multiple stack files so you
only need to load one at a time. But that's a bit different.)

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