Questions of Dec 1, 2002

Peter Fink peter.fink at
Mon Dec 2 04:06:00 EST 2002

I do have the following points to ask, today:
(1) how to create polygons, scripted,properly.
       set the templateGraphic to polygon
       choose graphics tool
       ..... and how to proceed, properly.

    Leading the mouse did not work well,
    double clicking the mouse did not work at all,
    how to close otherwise (choose previousTool did work)
    getting the selectedObject was illogical.

(2) how to set a polygon to transparent, scripted. Trying a transparent
style does not work, and there is no other property to that end.

(3) how to create graphics lines, scripted. the "line" style does not work.
Maybe I asked this before.

(4) How to get the rgb version of a Color specified by name.
    That is, set the backgroundColor to "Violet1", say.
     and then, scripted, set the foregroundcolor to something slightly
    Or, to get the backgroundColor in rgb, no matter how it was entered.

(5) Are there arrays of anything. Specially, I'd like to talk memo[21] =
someOtherArray .
     and even more, later talk get memo[21][receiver], say.

I've not been not lazy to having created my work arounds already.  I do not
complain, I could not have accomplished it easily without RR. But thanks for
help and things that I have overlooked.


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