functions in other stacks: how to call?

Oliver Hardt hardt at
Sun Dec 1 12:05:01 EST 2002

hello jan:  this is the solution.  thank you very much.  best, olli.

12/1/02, Jan Schenkel wrote:

>--- Oliver Hardt <hardt at> wrote:
>>  hello:  i have a project with several stacks.  if i
>>  am in stack A and
>>  want to call a function that is in the stack script
>>  of stack B, how
>>  do i do it?  thank you.  olli.
>If stack B is the mainstack of stack A, there's
>nothing you have to do, the message will be sent up
>the path and the mainStack will return the result.
>If stack B is a separate stack, the easiest way is:
>   start using stack B
>from the openStack handler of stack A.
>Jan Schenkel.

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